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Time stands still for no man revelation is progressive in its course. Welcome to the truth of the ages an unsealing of "END TIMES" prophecy once hidden in mystery. The end of days has been foretold and can now be revealed in fullness to this generation to those willing to have their eyes opened by history, its season is due it is time to wake up and see truth. Many have missed what God's doing due to miss interpreted end times teachings based on guesswork and theories, in the last days there will be many false teachings and false prophets deceiving many see Math 24:11-12, Math 24:24 & 1 Tim 4:1. This website information comes from 10 consistent years of study of factual history proving prophecy with over 3000 hours of research, prayer and revelation, this site is a work in progress. There are many teachers who un-discerningly push false "END TIMES" doctrines confusing the masses. No end-times futurist theology is taught on this website only truth through history unveiling fulfilled prophecy. History proves prophecy line-by-line precept-by-precept (Is 28:10) this is the only way the prophetic narrative is found (series of connected events painting a picture). The Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev 19:10) history is "His-Story" His testimony to the generations. Scripture in prophecy is cross-connecting, testifying of itself as pieces of a puzzle coming together to form a dynamic picture. The Lord desires for us to discern the signs of the times and seasons we are in for our generation. I pray God blesses you on your journey through this website.

Math 16:3  "You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times". (NKJV)

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There has been increased "End Times" fulfilments of the end of the age of man, since the turn of the 19th century with Trumpets and bowls being released. We then came into a time of acceleration by 2001, with the Twin Towers attack fulfilling a 2750-year-old prophecy from 730 BC (Isaiah 30:25-26 see chapter 19). We are now well advanced in the historic fulfilment of scripture in the “End Times” books of Daniel and Revelation. It is urgent to understand the “Times and Seasons” we are in. History cuts through futurist theology teachings as a two-edged sword (Heb 4:12) exposing the false from the true. On this website, you will find accurate references to information, links, videos, and pictures of the actual fulfilment of prophecy "End Time" events. The world is in chaos answers are needed, as to what's going on and why ? According to God's word.

Note: Images on this website are not to be shared due to not owning them some are public domain some are not.

 UGANDA 2018

In 2018 the Lord sent this author to Uganda Africa opening up doors to preach this end-times message. This is in the same area along the Nile River where the end of days prophecies originally came from through old school prophets like Daniel (Egypt on the horn of Africa) and John (Patmos/Asia Minor) thousands of years ago. This author spoke at end times conferences in 2018 for the first time since this message's inception in 2012. A simple message came forth on a platform in one of the largest churches in the country in front of 10'000 people at a Revival in Kam Pala. Healing evangelist Apostle Robert Kayanja interviewed this author on live TV (Robert carries TL Osborne's mantle) broadcast to over 100 million people worldwide the message was "GET READY FOR THE HARVEST" Rev 14:14-16. We are now in a time of the burning bush, just like Moses God had to get his attention. In 2019 Robert Kayanja then received a vision from God to build a mobile stage an evangelism Semi-trailer truck for the harvest (now built see 2021 video) to travel around Uganda (see 2018 video of broadcast from Uganda). The Bride of Christ worldwide is now positioned by God for the greatest worldwide move of His Glory any nation has ever seen prior to His return, He is coming soon, keep watch.  

 UGANDA 2019

In November of 2019 while attending Revival in Kam Pala this author was again invited up to Robert Kayanja's platform to share on the End Times, the message was Joel 2:3 an army is coming of God a fire in front and behind them standing in a land like Eden a heavenly atmosphere "GET READY FOR THE HARVEST" Rev 14:14-16. It was revealed to this author in May of 2019, seven months prior to Dec 2019 (Covid 19) from Dan 8:13-14, that God would begin to cleanse His sanctuary (church on Earth) ready for harvest. The Lord said to watch Dec 2019 going into 2020 something huge was to happen (I thought revival was coming, see chapters at bottom of the website). The sanctuary cleansing began when Covid 19 hit in Dec 2019 into 2020, by March 2020 the worldwide church began to be shut down, in nearly 188 countries. Everything happening in this world in our generation is all about the body of Christ and Jesus's second coming a spiritual battle to the end between darkness and light God and Satan.  A "WAKE UP SHAKE UP " had begun in the world especially the body of Christ worldwide, even at a leadership level. God states in Haggai 2:6 He will in the last days shake the heavens and the Earth again. In Joel 3:9-10 God declares "WAKE UP THE MIGHTY MEN OF WAR" the nations are now being awakened for harvest. 


Robert Kayanja has built an amazing evangelism outreach truck from His 2019 vision to preach the gospel around Uganda. He is getting hold of God's heartbeat, this truck now stands ready in 2021 "SIGNS OF THE TIMES" (see video).



The next section below consists of end times chapters as downloadable PDF and PowerPoint documents they are living documents (updated). The chapters are placed in their dates of historic order and importance of fulfilment covering the books of Daniel (unsealed) and Revelation (revealed). I would strongly suggest you start with the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls to lay the foundation to understand the historic fulfilments. Many have had gems of truths, then run off into confusing theories, this website and information is focused on historic facts versus prophecy, not guesswork. Seeing the order of fulfilment brings things into alignment to see the season we are in according to the scriptural context, prophecy is interconnected as history unfolds. The narrative of scripture is a series of prophetic connected events that create an overall picture. Revelations is a painting of God to His bride of the last days, a revealing of Christ to the nations, a love letter of mercy and grace to a broken generation.

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We live in the "END TIME" days of great deception don't be hoodwinked by various winds of end-times doctrine being preached "WAKE UP". Be a seeker of truth a researcher of history that ultimately proves prophecy. Never has the time been so urgent for the body of Christ. Great acceleration has happened in end-times events.


Intro Time Line

Seals, Bowls, Trumpets

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Below is a PDF download of the Historic timeline of Biblical events for the end times chapters on this website to give you an idea of sequences of fulfilments in prophecy.


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See personal end times diary dreams given since 1999 over 20 years of ongoing intentional revelation from God to back up these chapters.

"May the Spirit of Revelation Knowledge & Understanding Eph 1:17 be upon you, for it is knowing the truth that sets one free John 8:31-32".


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Daniel's timeline of prophecies runs from 605 BC to 538 BC, estimated over 2630 years ago. Daniel had dreams and visions of end-times events he was a seer prophet. His chapters were then sealed down the generations until their season was due. These are now being unsealed as history unfolds bringing alignment with the book of Revelation for the generation, we now live in.


Daniel 2 Dream U Tube Video Link "Statue of Nebuchadnezzar's dream Daniel 2" (Revelation TV): . A quick rundown on Daniel 2 Nebuchadnezzar's dream and the four coming Empires now all happened historically.


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Daniel 7 is now symbolized as four beasts an expansion symbolically of the four Empires from the Dan 2 statue of the mettle man of gold, silver, brass and bronze with the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. These four world Empires have all appeared historically over the last 2500 years.


U Tube Video Link "Daniel Unsealed - World History's Response to Biblical Prophecy":  Daniel 7 these four empires have all appeared in world history just as was shown to Daniel. God is a God of history, prophecy is our future coming but history already done in God's eyes the alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. The Bible is the only religion in the world centred upon prophecy, the things to come are proven only through history. God means what He says and says what He means, man tries to interpret it through futurist theology but 99% of the time he gets it wrong. End times teachings gone astray need to be challenged with truth.


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When doing research, hidden gems that bring understanding come to the surface to those willing to look. Because of miss interpreted un-discerned end times teachings, the truth according to scripture is sometimes hard to swallow as it exposes doctrinal lies of men. Scriptural prophecy will always interpret and confirm itself through actual history. With several years of study and many revelations accompanying historic fulfilment, this author has had to go through an entire shift in thinking from what I had been taught in church on various end-times theologies. A shift in scriptural understanding back to gospel truths needs to happen on end times teachings. The first part of Daniel 9 is a prayer about the 70 years of Israel’s captivity by the Babylonians, Daniel knew this time of captivity was nearly finished according to Jerem