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End Times Ministry Team

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John Kwagala


Pasta John Kwagala has been in ministry for over 25 years he is an Apostle of the faith, planting over 40 churches, connected to Pastas and churches all over Uganda. John's passion is God's presence, evangelism, healing people, bringing in the lost to the Lord and disciplining many people. John oversees 7 churches and is overseer of God's Ark of Salvation Ministries in Mattuga Uganda. In 2022 John was appointed as head oversite for the Mattuga district (250 thousand people) as head Pasta leading over 85 Pastas and churches in the area.


Brian Thompson

End Times Teacher

Brian Thompson has been a Christian since 1997, he is a worship leader, author and teacher of the gospel. Brian has worked with other ministries, strengthening those ministries, building the vision of God. He is passionate about revival he loves God's presence, he is an evangelist of God's love to the church.

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