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Our Events

At Joel 2 Fire Ministries, we believe in setting the people on the right path with God. We believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit in prayer, worship, and deliverance healing flowing in the divine love of God. In days of chaos and turmoil there is much confusion as to what's going on in this world. The Bible is the final authority the truth that sets you free to know Christ the truth and season and times we are in bring's much hope in spiritually a dark world. As we minister in Uganda Africa in the midst of much fear and confusion, we will let our light shine to strengthen the believers and all those that choose to participate God bless.

Seven  Seals

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February 2022

At these conferences in Uganda this November we will be covering the 7 Seals , 7 Trumpets, 7 bowls, False Prophet and the Beast the Mark of the Beast, 9/11, and other important topics such as Covid 19 in prophecy.

Seven Trumpets

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February 2022

May the Lord prepare your hearts for the truth to bring great hope to your walk in Him.

Seven Bowls/viles

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February 2022

May His blood cover and protect you and may He count us worthy to escape the things coming upon this world.

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